January 25th, 2011

Prada Modifies Spring 2011 Collection For First Show In Beijing

Sequins Prada Spring 2011 Beijing Show

Models walked down the Prada Spring 2011 runway in Beijing on Saturday – a first show of it’s kind. Studded with Chinese and Hong Kong actresses (like Maggie Cheung and Gong Li) and celebrities, the event could only be crowned as a success and one of many to come.

But these weren’t the Prada Spring 2011 looks that you and I already saw a few months ago. No, sequins and luxurious leather took over the once simple cotton and canvas. You see, the Chinese clientele Miuccia Prada is after – the ones with new money – don’t want minimalism. They want their money worth. They want sequins instead of cotton and silk and leather instead of canvas. Sequins were added to the shoes as well. If you thought oversize monkeys and bananas print was over the top, what will you say to a sequined monkeys and bananas print?

Considering the Chinese luxury-goods market’s rapid growth, these were small sacrifices to make. Prada’s revenue from the Far East grew by 75 percent in the past two years. With 14 stores already in place, Prada plans to open nine more stores this year alone.

Miuccia Prada told WWD, “There are fashionable people here that you wouldn’t even find in Paris, New York or London. They have already understood everything that they had to understand.”

Sequins Prada Spring 2011 Beijing Show

Chinese Actresses Prada Spring 2011 Beijing Show

Maggie Cheung Prada Spring 2011 Beijing Show

[Runway images via RockTheTrend, Red carpet via Prada]