March 3rd, 2011

Formichetti’s Mugler Fall 2011: Lady Gaga Runway Walk And Other Good Things

Mugler Fall 2011 Lady Gaga Runway Bride

After much anticipation, buzz and heavy internet promotion, Nicola Formichetti’s debut womenswear collection for Mugler Fall 2011 finally happened yesterday. The who-is-who of fashion world was in the front row and many more watching the runway stream live on Mugler’s Facebook page. Besides directing it musically, Lady Gaga also walked the runway for two looks – doing her best impersonating a 90’s supermodel.

As far as the clothes go, I cannot help but feel a bit disappointed. With so much PR, one would expect the debut collection looks to be … more. Strong shouldered body-con dresses and rubber bras is not something we haven’t seen before – created by Formichetti for Lady Gaga in the past. Some of the pieces, like rubber high-waisted knee-length skirts, rubber cigarette pants and the mentioned above rubber bras are pretty straight forward copies of widely existing rubber fetish gear. While these are perfect for an outrageous pop icon, I would expect more for an iconic high-fashion brand’s rebirth debut.

Still, some of the pieces were absolute hits. A murky green glossy trench coat with strong shoulders and a raised collar had a nonchalant sharpness to it. Catty details were aplenty towards the end of the show. Hair styled as caracal ears, shredded top’s edges forming tiger’s stripes and the most amazing animal print – a wildly chic pattern of cheetah spots with razor sharp edges. The pattern must be reproduced by fast-fashion brands as we speak.

While Mugler Fall 2011 gave us a few new things to think about, I’m not in the least surprised that Lady Gaga already purchased the entire collection. After all, most of these pieces have been part of her costume wardrobe for years.

Mugler Fall 2011 Lady Gaga Rubber Bra

Mugler Fall 2011 Murky Green Trench

Mugler Fall 2011 Cheetah Print

Mugler Fall 2011 Caracal Ears Hair

Mugler Fall 2011 Nicola Formichetti Lady Gaga

[Images via Vogue Paris]